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Re: 1.9.2 on win2003, EasyPHP with issues

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> Hey,
> I just set up the 1.9.2 build with the EasyPHP/MySQL package on a virtual Win 2003 server machine. I am running into a couple of problems and would appreciate any help:
> 1. I can't get Shoutbox to show up. It's enabled as a feature.
> Looked for documentation, but nothing there.

Goto Admin->Modules and select it to display it.

> 2. I have Forums enabled as described in the Documentation, but I just
> cannot get the Create button to show up. So I was looking through the
> www/tiki directory and found the .php page that let's me do that. So I
> created a forum and it works fine. But that's obviously no solution
> when I want other users to be able to create forums.

Expand the Forum menu to reveal the Create Forum options

> 3. As with the forum page, I can't find the usergroup admin and user
> admin pages off the menus. But I can type in the URL and access the
> pages. Any idea why they woulnd't show up in the default admin menus??
> And I guess if I am missing those, there must be more features that I
> am not even thinking about...

Read the assistant module where it talks about clicking :: or the folder icon next to menu options.

> 4. I can't get the user administration to work where I allow self
> registration with email acknowledge (it doesn't send the email).
> and I can't find where to specify that email server...

Email acknowledgement wont work on localhost setups until you also install and configure a suitable mailserver or configure your PHP to use SMTP server of your ISP.


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