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marclaporte posts: 1276 3 stars Canada
Use this thread to discuss the CalendarDev page.

marclaporte posts: 1276 3 stars Canada
I really like the calendar.

mose posts: 111 3 stars Taiwan
Almost finished, need testers to find bugs. Just Bugs, nothing more biggrin

Damian posts: 2881 5 stars United Kingdom

I love the calendar feature exclaim

Cant wait for my ADSL to arrive so I can host some tiki sites on my new server now.


posts: 5 3 stars United Kingdom

Where do you want bugs posted?

Tuesday and Thursday are swapped in calendar header.

mose posts: 111 3 stars Taiwan

We can setup a CalendarBugs page ? maybe we need that in more in our developers naming convention. a FeatureBugs can be useful. What do you think about it ?
(for that swapping, oops, I changed that)

posts: 66 3 stars

> chris.holman:
> Where do you want bugs posted?
> Tuesday and Thursday are swapped in calendar header.

Chealer9 posts: 821 3 stars Canada
TiwiWikiCalendar page link is broken.

Chealer9 posts: 821 3 stars Canada

I just created the note below and I can't edit it... is this normal?
Anyway I was just playing with Tiki, and it ended up with I creating a page "TikiWikiCalendar" with the above post as content... but as the post below, I can't neither edit it neither delete it... so, well, I'm telling this to anybody that could fix that.
Can somebody tell me that is it planned to fix those visibly illogic things?

posts: 23 3 stars Italy

Sorry for posting again this message (yet in Usability Forum)

Today is sep 23,and the calendar shows 23 in bold. OK.
Pref are set to: 9 to 20.

If I select a date on the calendar (click on the day number), the PRECEDING day is shown (I select 25 > tiki shows 24, and so on).
Active day time shown is: 11 to 22.
If I set an event (eg: meeting, 55 sep, 14h00, duration 2h), this event is not shown in details of sep 25 as busy time, but only is listed in events.

Thank you.

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