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Convert mediawiki to tikiwiki?

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I'm looking for a reasonable way to convert my mediawiki content into my tikiwiki install, other than going to each page and copying the source, which seems like it's not really a direct copy anyway and would just make a mess.

I used html2wiki and the results were a little messier than I had hoped for. I've searched the web since installing, a couple days ago and can't find anything that a)has half decent documentation b)works that way it appears to be advertised c)doesn't take just as much work as gong to each page and copying the source itself.

thanks much for any advice,
ps- the search here doesn't help me much either, or I'm searching for all the wrong terms.

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Q: How can I convert wiki pages from another CMS package (such as PHPNuke) to Tiki?
A: There are migration utilities avilable for several common CMS packages, including:

* PhpNuke
* Phpwiki
* Postnuke
* TWiki
* and others.

See the Tiki migrationexternal link documentation for details.


this is also what I need, unfortunately there is a dead link in the FAQ.
Anyone knows how to solve this problem?