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Re: Re: Search Results tiki-parsed

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> Hi Torpedro:
> Thanks for contributing your code to the community! :-)
> Search feature is something that needs improvement, indeed, and your work is a step forward.

Thank you! Have you tried it? Is my explanation missing something?
You should try with making a copy of the original files and modify the renamed copy, so the useres can use the search during integration.

> Why not adding that (when finished and bug fixed) to the cvs code, so that it gets integrated within main tiki from next version onwards?

I'm not familiar enough with CVS to do this myself.

> ...just in case, you can add a optional check box at the "Admin > search" to enable users select what type of search results they wish to see: either plain code (as it is right now) or wiki parsed results (as you did).

We would have to intorduce a new Tiki wide, or user properties variable. I think no ordinary user is interested in viewing search results in tiki-syntax code. Please correct me should i see this wrong lol

> Btw, did you kknow that some people plan to improve tiki a bit before 198 release? See TikiFest198
> Moreover, did you manage to make that 2-word searches which result in the 2 words found become higher in the results list than pages with the single word found? (boolean search) I mean, in your screenshot, you found "unix_vi" page first, when searching the 2 words "unix vi". Did you have any other pages with the word unix or vi alone?
> Easy Boolean Search IS REALLY NEEDED in Tiki (and I wonder why no coder could make this happen in the main tiki code yet...)

I only modified the output so far.

> Cheers, and thanks again for your work
> Xavi

Thank you for your comment!