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Some nice ideas nyloth. I like some more than others - need time to digest. Those that require a lot of rules I will avoid. Rules have the disadvantage of becoming stale over time and may become a construct to prevent the community from moving forward in future.

I was going through the slide deck I linked to one more time and one thing stood out, which is the answer the the question "Who are we trying to attract with this?". The answer provided there is "People who are into the community long-term, not short-term". I think this is probably the most important consideration in how we design this.

My original idea of separate site was based on the premise that in the event a lot of "short-term" types hang out there, at least there is a buffer between that and the goings-ons on dev.tw.o. It provides a filter, sort of, to reduce the noise level. On the other hand, I agree that a separate site may cause people getting lost and confused.

Perhaps, we can start with a carefully designed system on dev that provides adequate filtering/hiding etc..., and where bounties will only apply to the development branch (unless it is a mod). The reason not to open it up to the stable branch (unless it is a mod) is because people who work on development branch and who sponsor development branch activities are by definition more "long-term". As for mods, they is already a well-defined separation which I think is adequate. What do you think of this?