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Features / Usability

Is there any way to import and export page content in (X)HTML?

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Before I file a feature request, I wanted to make sure I'm not just missing something. Our workgroup needs to interact with several others that don't use Tikiwiki and use an assortment of apps. HTML or better yet XHTML seem to be the formats all of the others can consume and and send. In Tiki 1.92, the Import HTML and Try to Convert HTML to Wiki Syntax features seem to broken.

We've been copying and pasting others' work from browser View Source and checking the "Allow HTML" box before saving in Tiki and reversing the process when we send documents to the others. But that's tedious and a lot of stuff that should be in our Tiki isn't being gathered, so I'm looking for a solution that is easier on the users.

Any wisdom? Thanks in advance.

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...using iframe through "featured links" feature.

Or through copy&paste using the nice Wysiwyg Editor integrated within Tiki 1.10...