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Features / Usability

URL being assembled incorrectly during user registration process

I am trying to setup my user registration process so I have to approve each registration.

When I get the message that tells me someone is trying to register, the link is missing a "?". If I manually add the ? then it works correctly.

Here is the error message with the bad link

The requested URL /tiki-login_validate.phpuser=Bradly&pass=561da92233d3368a76a12617697b9914 was not found on this server.

I found the php coding that assembles this string in the file tiki-register.php but don't know much about php to know the cause. Can someone please let me know what the problem is.


if($validateUsers == 'y' || $validateRegistration) && $validateRegistration == 'y' {

//$apass = addslashesmd5($tikilib->genPass(,0,25));
$apass = addslashes$tikilib->genPass();
$foo = parse_url($_SERVER%22REQUEST_URI%22);
$machine =$tikilib->httpPrefix().$foo1;


Thanks, that fixed it.

I thought the upgrade caused new problems, but it was just I hadn't entered a Sender email address, which is required in the newer version.


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