Default Group Permissions on New Page Creation

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Is there any way to specify what the default permissions are for new pages?

I don't want my devs creating sensitive pages that are defaulted to the public.

Is this a supported behavior or is there a method to accomplish this?

For bonus points it would be great to have default page permission per group, but that would be difficult if a user belonged to multiple groups as they more than likely will.


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You can change the general permissions for all wiki pages. Just remove tiki_p_view from anonymous and add it to "Registered" or "Members", etc.

Then, you should make sure to change the permissions of all the pages you do want to be public, by adding tiki_p_view (and possibly tiki_p_view_history) to them.

M ;-)

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Following on to this thread... my goal is to specifically prevent a page from being seen UNTIL permissions have been assigned. I have removed all perms from anonymous and registered, etc. I have groups called Customer, Partner, Employee. I have turned tiki_p_view on for each of these groups, however, I don't want a Customer group member to see a page that an Employee group member has created, UNLESS, the Employee group member sets the perms so that a Customer group member is authorized to see it.

When I am logged in as an Employee group member and using the quick-edit page feature, I create a page and save it. It seems that this page is visible by a user in the Customer group. This condition appears to exist because the page that was just created does not have ANY perms assigned YET. As soon as I assign perms to the page allowing ONLY Employee group members to view the page, it works as expected... the Customer can no longer see the page.

So my question is can a NEW Wiki page be given default permissions when the page is FIRST being saved. I can't afford to have a page exposed during that moment between the time the new page is saved and the time I am allowed to assign perms.



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I have the exact same need that you described in your post. The best thing that I have seen for this purpose so far is a Staging feature in 1.10. But even then the user has to mark it for staging and the reviewers still need to manually look at it.

I have also seen an option in 1.10 that sets the default category. (I think this ties in with staging?)

Unfortunately, both the solutions fall short of the behavior that we are looking for.

Just FYI.

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Thanks M!

That clears up quite a bit.

Is there a way to inherit the creator's default group as the initial permissions for the new page?