Flow Chart or Org Chart For TikiWiki?

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Noob to TikiWiki and glad to be here.

I've been trying to explain to my business partner just what TikiWiki is capable of doing.

That it is like having several sites all in one that have different purposes but are all integrated.

He's kind of a "Visual" kind of guy though and not at all prone to technical references.

So I was wondering if anyone has put together an organizational chart that depicts how TikiWiki is laid out.

I was going to do one myself in SmartDraw but I thought if someone could point me to one that is already available for viewing it might save me some time.

I appreciate the help.

Mike C.

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That's a great idea, but I haven't seen anyone do an image like that. (It'd be good to have at info.tikiwiki.org for people new to ))TikiWiki((.) I've generally thought of the main features (wiki, blogs, forums, galleries, etc.) as side-by-side boxes with "transversal" functions running across them (including categories, permissions, tags (in 1.10), etc.). Then there could be arrows from image galleries and trackers and so on to wiki, blogs, and forums or wherever content can be linked from/to, along with RSS feeds. Also being able to display external content in modules could be represented with arrows coming in.

If on a web page, it'd be neat to have the diagram be an image map with areas linked to pages for more information, etc., or some other way to have it interactive and a kind of index to other info.

I'll try to do a diagram when I get time, but would like to see what other people come up with.

-- Gary

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Speaking of image maps... Has anyone created an image map plugin for TW, yet?


-- Dan