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Re: Re: Aulawiki won't install

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AulaWiki is working on Tiki 1.9.x sites:

You can try (after making a backup of your database) with any of those two versions:
1.2: http://gclub.ub.es/carpetiki/mods/Dist/features-aulawiki-1.2.tgz
0.8: http://gclub.ub.es/carpetiki/mods/Dist/features-aulawiki-0.8.tgz

I'm mostly using AulaWiki on Tiki 1.10.x sites, even if it stopped being fully functional as Tiki 1.10 changed the way some features are handled:

So, some features are not working yet. Revision 1.6 is partially patched to allow to install it again on recent Tiki 1.10svn, and this revision of AulaWiki mod is downloadable from the mods.tw.o site:


Please note that many resources are not created by the time of this writing (file galleries, structures, etc.). But workspaces are created, as well as groups, permissions, Wiki pages, and forums, at least.
We are still looking for a developer (paid if necessary) to fix AulaWiki to fully work on 1.10 sites.
The main coder might come back to improve AulaWiki and its worksapces from September onwards (after TikiFestPorto ).

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