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I appreciate the reply even if it didn't herald any major surprises. I absolutely 100% understand the challenges of collaborative development and how it can lead to complex code. I only hope that the Tiki Devs periodically do a refactoring release where they clean up and optimize the code base, if nothing else for their own sakes so that future development remains flexible and relatively easy. To that end it seems like 1.10 might be a milestone release which will give the devs some time to step back and re-evaluate some of the code.

So "creole" is a proposed wiki "standard"? I've seen lots of arguments for and against standardizing wiki markup. To me it seems like a logical step in which everyone is a winner (eventually), but I can't see it happening any time soon.

I see that single square brackets was mentioned, one annoyance that I forgot to mention in my original post; yes, it is way too easy to accidentally link to bogus targets.

Anyway... enough ranting. I'm still loving Tiki and not looking to go anywhere else any time soon.