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Custom menu - menu items show only in admin

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I've made a custom menu, containing 2 simple menu items.
In Admin>Menus (/tiki-admin_menus.php) I've set the group to admin, anonymous and registered, ctrl-clicking to select all 3.
I've clicked 'edit' in Menu Items at the bottom of the Admin>Menus page for both the menu items, and have again ctrl-clicked to select all 3 groups.

The menu appears for all users, but the menu items only appear for admin (for the other users the menu is empty).

Any help would be very welcome....

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Thanks Rick, but the 2 menu items are simply the home page and a wiki page linked from the home page. The user groups can see them already (tiki_p_view). I've checked all the permissions already.

In fact I even added the only two vaguely relevant menu permissions tiki_p_edit_menu and tiki_p_usermenu, even though they should not be required. Same thing, menu showing but no menu items showing for anon and registered groups. All works fine for the admin.

Perhaps there are some other permissions I've missed?

I've already read the docs for menus and hope to have done all I should, but I could easily be being silly. I've also already consulted your tw for smarties, which is excellent, but doesn't cover menus ;)

I'll dive into the code if I must, but the structure is rather complex and some pointers would help. I'm aware that tw has a huge stream of minor programming changes - I'm wondering if tw2.0 has a bug?

Thanks for your help.

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If I give the registered group tiki_p_admin then it works fine for that group. Not a good solution though....

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>Do you have anything in the Sections and Permissions fields for the new menu option?

No, both fields are blank...

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Sadly, I'm not sure what your issue is... It appears that your settings are all correct. (I'm able to have custom menus based on my 1.9 and 2.0 Tikis with no issues).

My last suggestion would be to try clearing your Tiki and browser cache.


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Do you have to set the permissions for the menu items for all 3 user groups? Wouldn't it be enough to simply set it for anonymous and then the other two groups simply have access by virtue of inheritance?

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I think you're correct. As far as I can see tiki_p_view is the only one that needs setting and that is set in anonymous and inherited by the other 2 groups.

I'm just trying anything and everything....

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Thanks Rick

I've just tried clearing Tiki and browser cache - no effect. I'd already tried browser cahce and a different browser anyway. Also I cut the menu just to a single item - the HomePage.

I've installed an older tw (1.9.9, Dec07) and that does work as expected. Maybe I use that :-(.

Thanks for your help

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And just for the archives:
I've installed a second tw 2.0; reproducible steps:
install default profile
log in as admin, change password
admin: menu
create new menu
- type = 'd'
- quick urls -> Home Page
- ctrl-select all groups
- position 2
admin: module
(admin module)
- create new user module
- assign
- - right
- - ctrl-select all groups

Result: the menu shows for anonymous, but it is empty (no items). Works fine for admin.

php 5.2.5
mysql 5.0.45
wamp v 2.0 on winxp.

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I think I know what this issue is now, because I had the same problem myself.

When you select all groups this is wrong (which is contradictory to what you might think but I read somewhere, I think on the documentation pages) that this selection box is a logical AND.

In other words for users to see this particular menu item, they must be part of user groups Anonymous AND Registered AND Admin AND... etc. Naturally, most users will not be part of the Admin user group and so they will not see the menu item.

I don't know why the box works this way but it does.

Unless you want only a specific user group to see this menu item then you should just leave these user groups unselected. For example you can select just registered users, and then the menu item becomes invisible for anonymous users but everyone else can see it (assuming all user groups inherit from the registered user group).