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Re: Problem with categorized objets

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I am sure you just have to make sure that all your permissions are configured correctly.

check the Group permissions for anonymous user group.
check the Category permissions for anonymous user group (sounds like you've already set this, although I think maybe you need view_category as well, somebody else confirm?)
check that the object (e.g. Wiki page) that is categorized has global permissions, not special permissions.

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hello and thanks for your help.

i have checked those permissions.

  • The anonymous group :


  • The categorie:

Anonymous tiki_p_view_categories

  • The categorized object:

tiki_p_view_categories - Can view categories-Anonymous-Cocina

Without special permissions.

I´m thinking that the configuration is good but it don´t work question

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Try adding tiki_p_view_categorized to the Category and the Categorized object for anonymous user group.
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yesterday i tried to add these permits but neither in the perrmission´s management or the objects of categories appears available tiki_p_view_categorized
For example, for categories only can be added tiki_p_view_categories and tiki_p_admin_categories

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Apologies if I'm raising an old post here but I am having the same problems with registered users being unable to view categorised pages in the page list. The pages list under their categories but cannot be edited - even by the user that created them. They can be edited via the quick edit field strangely enough but this isn't as convenient as having an edit link on the page.

As far as I can tell the global permissions are set correctly.

These are the settings for the category permissions:

Registered tiki_p_admin_categories
Registered tiki_p_view_categories