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I don't know if this is a bug. I noticed that at least 2 persons recently got a "good bye" mail from the newsletter script, although they never unsubscribed. That happened right after I sent my newsletter to 150 subscribers. What I'm now afraid of, is that somebody clicked the link to unsubscribe and for some reason he unsubscribed somebody else. Well, I guess there's no way to find out, unless I called the subscribers and ask. :-)

Hm also, ... this probably sounds very offentding from somebody who's not helping out ... but the newsletter really lacks a lot of basic features. I'm using it, but I don't enjoy it. :-) Like some German letters aren't displayed correctly on some webservers (i know of GMX), I guess because Content-Type problems, but I think there's no way to influence that, like at least switching between HTML and plain. Also I'd love to see a history, so that people that are going to subscribe can read what was happening before. And the last sentence where it says "to unsubscribe click here" kind of disappears a lot of times, I think only OE on Windows somehow displays it, but almost no online POP3, and none of clients that disallow HTML (which should at least show the letters without linking, I thought).

Well, the only *real* problem is the uncontrolled unsubscribing — can anyone help me out with this? It bugs me that I might make a lot of people be mad at me since the ones that want to unsubscribe will keep getting the news, and some that did want to read it think I'm kicking them off the list. I know of "only" 2 cases because one was one of my own e-mail addresses that got unsubscribed, another was a friend's who wondered.