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Re: Will TikiWiki navigation be customizable in this manner?

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>1) Have a different leftnav menu on the home page of the site than on all the 'sub' pages of a site. The home page leftnav menu will have different content and will not necessarily be hierarchical. The subpages will follow a more hierarchical design, with a content list of the section you are currently in, plus a link to the other sections.

Pretty easy.

  1. Create two menus (one for the HomePage; one for all other pages).
  2. Create a new user module with something like:
    {if $page eq 'HomePage'}{menu id=1}{else}{menu id=2}{/if}

    Obviously, use your own menu IDs...

>2) On leftnav each page of the site, have a drop down menu with links to several different pages. I want this menu to be on every page of the site, home and sub. It will have an onchange() javascript to send the user to the page they select.

Very easy.

Just enable the PHP Layers Menu feature. If you're using the sample (from above), just use:
{phplayers id=1 type=vert}


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