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I agree.
thanks for the comment, lindon. I've also enabled a bunch of other plugins which were not enabled before.
Only kept disabled the ones which might face a security problem (at least, for the time being)

The following list of changes has been applied: * enabled preference wikiplugin agentinfo enabled (preference name: wikiplugin_agentinfo) * enabled preference wikiplugin banner enabled (preference name: wikiplugin_banner) * enabled preference wikiplugin draw enabled (preference name: wikiplugin_draw) * enabled preference wikiplugin file enabled (preference name: wikiplugin_file) * enabled preference wikiplugin footnote enabled (preference name: wikiplugin_footnote) * enabled preference wikiplugin footnotearea enabled (preference name: wikiplugin_footnotearea) * enabled preference wikiplugin googleanalytics enabled (preference name: wikiplugin_googleanalytics) * enabled preference wikiplugin googledoc enabled (preference name: wikiplugin_googledoc) * enabled preference wikiplugin mediaplayer enabled (preference name: wikiplugin_mediaplayer) * enabled preference wikiplugin pluginmanager enabled (preference name: wikiplugin_pluginmanager) * enabled preference wikiplugin sf enabled (preference name: wikiplugin_sf) * enabled preference wikiplugin share enabled (preference name: wikiplugin_share) * enabled preference wikiplugin sharethis enabled (preference name: wikiplugin_sharethis) * enabled preference wikiplugin titlesearch enabled (preference name: wikiplugin_titlesearch) * enabled preference wikiplugin usercount enabled (preference name: wikiplugin_usercount) * enabled preference wikiplugin userlist enabled (preference name: wikiplugin_userlist)

You are very welcome to help us document them. And please, write again if you feel that you are lacking perms to easily help documenting features of tikiwiki an the Documentation pages.

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