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Anti-Bot Code not working for Login

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Here's an odd thing. I'm using 2.3 (no, that isn't odd).

I'm using a registration/user tracker and the CAPTCHA for login won't work unless I also turn on the Anonymous editors must input anti-bot code option. However, this means users have to enter two CAPTCHA codes, one on the main registration screen and one on the user tracker form.

If I just use the login CAPTCHA, without the Anonymous editors option, then after the user has filled out and submitted the user tracker form they get a You are not logged in. Go to Login Page error.

I'm wondering if the feature_antibot supercedes the rnd_num_reg, and so rnd_num_reg is ignored giving the illusion that it's working when feature_antibot is turned on, even if it's not.

Anyone else have this problem? Is this a known bug or have I messed up my upgrade somewhere?

posts: 289 United States

Just out of curiosity, I disabled the user registration tracker and the login CAPTCHA then works.

So apparently the issue lies somewhere with the combination of the login CAPTCHA and the User Tracker. Could it be a permissions issue with the user tracker? I thought those permission were handled differently than regular trackers.

UPDATE: I don't know if this is related but I'm not getting specific error messages either. i.e. if the user enters a username that is already taken, I don't get the "User already exists" message, nor do I get "The passwords don't match" if the passwords don't match.

UPDATE 2: The login error messages not displaying was a bug introduced from v2.2 into v2.3. It has now been fixed for the next release.