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Really cannot use this ! How can I create pages & structure

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Hi All,

I have installed this product on my website, and all I really want to use it to do is create loads of web pages and structure them as I am really using this for knowledge management.

I want to be able to do this:

Create a top level page called

How to
>>How to write
>>How to read
>>How to browse
>>Morning Tasks
>>Evening tasks

So really, I want to be able to create parent/child/sub pages and structure everything together, can someone point me onto the right direction please, so that I can see like little folders, and pages under the folders, dont know what to do, been battling with this for over 3 days.

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I created the structure, with a list of Table of contents.

Now, I created a module and assigned the structure that I created to it, then I assigned the module to the main page.

Now the problem is that, its not coming out properly. the page looks like some of it has been hidden. See http://wiki.zenet.co.uk/tiki-index.php" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips">http://wiki.zenet.co.uk/tiki-index.php

Also, the page looks like things are not in order, looks kind of scattered.
Also, the structure does not look like a tree with the ability to expand and collapse. I dont see that here with tikiwiki.

Like the menu of this page where you have like a folder where you can expand it, How can i display a structure properly on the homepage ?

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I'm not certain but it looks like you're using a very old theme that may not be compatible with the newest versions of Tiki. Try a different, newer theme, such as TikiNewt.

You may even have to modify a theme to allow for a slightly wider column to accommodate all the text.

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I have used the new theme and the presentation looks a bit nicer, but it is still not solving my problem, when i use Internet explorer, it renders the display a bit better, but i am having the following problems.

No Icons on webpage
Also the structure isnt still collapsable like a tree format. At the moment it displays everything not in a tree format where you can expand/collapse.

Any help here would be much appreciated

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I tried creating a structure, as explained in the smarties, but it gives the following sql error.

File tiki-admin_structures.php
Url tiki-admin_structures.php
insert into `tiki_structures`(`parent_id`,`page_id`,`page_alias`,`pos`) values(?,?,?,?)
0 0
1 23
2 rocks
3 1
Field 'structure_id' doesn't have a default value
Built query was probably:
insert into `tiki_structures`(`parent_id`,`page_id`,`page_alias`,`pos`) values('0','23','rocks','1')

Although a page by the alias name is created. but the tree is not created.. any clue on what could be wrong ??

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Hi Platforminc,

I cheked out ur web page by the url... I felt the module is being shown quite ok.. Which icons are you refering to here ?? The once you have used in the module ?? do they work when you preview the module... or on the wikipage itself ??

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If I log onto my website using Firefox, the icons work fine, but if i use internet exploerer, it doesn't but at least now i know its browser related.

My other query is this, I want to be able to have like folder structures where one can expand & collapse. Is it possible to have this ?

Just to further explain, when you are replying to my post, look on the top right hand corder, you will see menu, under menu you have mytiki, wiki etc in folders which can be expanded/collapsed.

Can i also have this on my website and how can i do it ?

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>My other query is this, I want to be able to have like folder structures where one can expand & collapse. Is it possible to have this ?

I'm not sure this is possible. I don't think that dynamic menus are supported in Structures. You could (manually) create a menu that mimics your structure, then add that to the module.


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