Getting MultiTiki to work on TikiWiki 3

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I've looked at all the various "MultiTiki" pages in the docs section and simply cannot figure out how to get MultiTiki to work. I've tried bits and pieces of the several solutions (including editing the db/local.php file) to no luck.

Can anyone help?

More details:
(1) This is a hosted environment — i do NOT have shell access (so running setup.sh does not seem to be a possibility for me)
(2) While I do have FTP access and supposedly I need to create directories, none of the pages tell me which directories I would have to create.
(3) I can create the extra MySQL database, and attempt to run through the tiki-install.php again, but cannot link to that database. I've even modified local.php with the Akira example, but then the tiki-install.php simply failed with a blank page.

If anyone can point me to better docs or hints, I'd even be willing to upgrade the current docs to help others....


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You did exactly what must be done with a tiki installation with ftp access
Blank page can be not enough memory
Check how much memeory you have

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Sylvie, I confirm that Multitiki is not working (for me either) on subdirectories, following the documentation at the Multitiki Akira page.
It used to work with Tiki 1.9., and Tiki 2.x, but fails (also for me) with Tiki 3betaX

Link to the other related post about it

HTH, and hope some geek knows a hack to make Multitiki work again on Tiki 3.x sites

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Thanks... do you mean PHP memory? It's 32MB. Unsure of the rest, as this is a hosted environment. I worry more that I am not seeing any output anywhere.

What is the best way to get error logs and failure reports? Where in the tikiwiki 3.0 structure should I look? (I'd love to help diagnose it further, but I feel like I'm flying blind a little bit without feedback).

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thanks mizraith for reporting

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Thanks all — i like the responsiveness of this community (it's giving me comfort in my selection of TikiWiki for our growing company's intranet).

Hopefully, if I get a chance this weekend, I'll take a closer look at some of the scripts, but I don't have a lot of experience with PHP and SQL. There really should be a way to get this to work I would hope....too bad the architecture doesn't (by default) allow multiple database instances. Crossing my fingers that I can actually contribute here.

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How about installing locally and getting everything working and then, after, uploading to the server?

Without error messages, it's very difficult to debug

M ;-)

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Is there a logfile that the scripts pipe out to? (even on an installed host, it would be groovy to dig through those to try to figure out what's going on). The Apache error logs on the hosted server don't have anything in them — I guess the scripts are dying quietly.

I don't really have a local server setup for this right now — with some effort next weekend I might be able to get that online. If I did this, where would I be looking (for errors...whose/which logfiles in particular).


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Okay... I've installed the debug profile and read up about enabling the debugger (Features->Programmer->Debugger for those following along). The debugger tab appears at the bottom of the page and it outputs dozens of random PHP errors that don't mean too much to me (sorry).

Question: Which Multitiki should I be looking at ? Which specific page should I be looking for debug info on?

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mizraith: split the problem in two: multitiki and intertiki.

(1) for multitiki, follow this steps:

not finished documenting it for MultiTiki, but half way written so far

(2) for intertiki, no idea myself. try following the example in the documentation

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$db_tiki='mysqli'; $dbversion_tiki='3.0'; $host_tiki='localhost'; $user_tiki='xxxx'; $pass_tiki='--'; if ($_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] == "toto.com" || $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] == "toto.mysite.com") { $tikidomain = "toto"; $dbs_tiki = "mysite_toto; } elseif ($_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] == "titi.com" || $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] == 'titi.mysite.com') { $tikidomain = "tite"; $dbs_tiki = "mysite_tite"; } else { $dbs_tiki='mysite_tiki'; }

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Xavi — will do. (I'm making progress on the InterTiki front and have learned a bunch. I hope to post the results in a day or so after I figure a few more things out).

The Manual Installation link looks AWESOME. I'm off to go try that right now and see if I can get MultiTiki working without shell access. Will post results today. cool

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Xavi & sylvie

Thanks to both of you for giving me a jump start. I'll explain in this post what I'm doing, and then I'm going to hop over to Manual Installation and document this.

The MultiTiki installation currently assumes sub-domains with a sym link from a real location:

For my own sanity, I was trying to locate all tiki's in a directory on my site, like below:

I figured out some things along the way, most notably the parsing inside of the /db/local.php file. I've also learned a LOT about the MultiTiki setup assumptions. Anyway — off to go add this stuff to the Manual Installation page. Feel free to refactor it over to the MultiTiki page if it belongs there instead.

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I'm also trying the MultiTiki install on a dedicated server (CentOS). I have root access, and am able to execute the setup.sh script just fine. When I try to set it up for three Tikis (demo, test, pilot). I create the symbolic links in the document root, and run the first install (for demo). It goes well, until I click the enter tiki without lock. Then I get this error message...

Tiki is not properly set up:

The directory '/home/edsco11/tiki/taf/modules/cache/pilot' does not exist.
The directory '/home/edsco11/tiki/taf/templates_c/pilot' does not exist.

Your options:

1- With FTP access:
a) Change the permissions (chmod) of the directories to 777.
b) Create any missing directories
c) Execute the Tiki installer again (Once you have executed these commands, this message will disappear!)


2- With shell (SSH) access, you can run the command below.

a) Run setup.sh and follow the instructions:
$ bash
$ cd /home/edsco11/tiki/taf
$ sh setup.sh

The script will offer you options depending on your server configuration.

b) Execute the Tiki installer again (Once you have executed these commands, this message will disappear!)

I follow the directions for #2, which recreates the demo, test, and pilot directories under modules/cache and templates_c and then re-execute the install.

I end up at the same point. The installer keeps blowing away the three
site directories under modules/cache and templates_c.

Here's the local.php from the db if that's any help...


$user_tiki = 'root';
$pass_tiki = 'mypassword';

if ($_SERVER%22HTTP_HOST%22 "demo.nactaf.com"
$_SERVER%22HTTP_HOST%22 "www.demo.nactaf.com") {
$tikidomain = "demo";
$dbs_tiki = "edsco11_demo";
} elseif ($_SERVER%22HTTP_HOST%22 "test.nactaf.com"
$_SERVER%22HTTP_HOST%22 "www.test.nactaf.com") {

$tikidomain = "pilot";
$dbs_tiki = "edsco11_test";
} elseif ($_SERVER%22HTTP_HOST%22 "pilot.nactaf.com" || $_SERVER%22HTTP_HOST%22 "www.pilot.nactaf.com") {
$tikidomain = "pilot";
$dbs_tiki = "edsco11_pilot";
} else {
$tikidomain = "demo";


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I can verify the same problem and can elaborate on a solution for you............

Basically--> go through the installation process and then afterwards use the setup.sh script again. Then everything will work fine.

IF you have multi-tikis, I have found that after running through the web installer you need to run setup.sh and specify for all of your multitikis. For example, when you are running the setup.sh and get to the "Multi..." line, you'll need to make sure to enter a space-separated listing of all your installed multi-tikis:

Multi.... mytiki1 mytiki2 mytiki3 mytiki4

If you don't do this, the setup script doesn't seem to correctly create the directories for all the multitikis. Definitely oddball behavior that trips you up the first few times.

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I'm a month late in seeing your reply, but I will give your suggestions a try.


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Hi all,

New to Tiki.

Trying to install MultiTiki using subdomains (Tiki 8.3 on shared host LAMP bundle - BlueHost, with SSH access) and I found this detailed instructions very helpful:

http://doc.tiki.org/MultiTiki+Manual+Installation&highlight=multi-site%20subdomain%20hosted#MultiTikis_using_SubDomains(external link)

This is probably the same as the link that you have posted earlier in your thread. Briefly:

- I have created separate mySQL DBs for each subdomain as well as for the main domain, with different userID & passwords

- using separate local.php for each subdomain.

- Using symlinks created to root directory, etc.

- Have also uncommented the 2 lines in each of the local.php files (for Tiki farms) for each subdomain.

The installation is successful and I can start using Tiki. However, when I make changes (profile, themes, etc) for any one subdomain, the changes take place across all subdomains and main domain also....???

Was there any mistake in my installation? Or did I miss any step? Should I need to modify .htaccess file in root directory, for this purpose?

Thanks in advance,

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