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Attaching files to Wiki pages from directory

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I need clarification as to where I can locate files so that I can use the 'Store in directory' feature.
I am on a Windows XP Pro PC.

Does the folder where you attach files from have to sit under the tikiwki install (eg C:\tikiwiki\files) or can they sit on a windows share ?

Is this location the same as the directory I nominate in Admin>Wiki>Features>Attachments ?

I notice that a new file is written to the nominated folder when I attach.
Once attached, is there any link between the originally attached file and the file displayed in Wiki. (ie. do I have to detach & reattach if file is updated.) ?

Any help appreciated.

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1- Anywhere
2- Not necessarily
3- I am not sure I understand the question. But please make a test and tell us :-)

M ;-)