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Syntax for combining RSS feeds via RSS plugin?

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What's the correct syntax for combining RSS feeds using the RSS plugin? The PluginRSS page says at one point "You can also combine feeds by indicating 1+2, or 1+2+3 to add feeds together...", and later in the parameter table it says "list of IDs separated by comma".

I've tried:


The first two just display the first feed, and the last one just displays the last feed.

Yes, "show publish date" is enabled for all feeds.

Tiki version is 2.0.

- ))MacLeod((

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in the code there is a line which says $id=explode("+",$id); i would say its '+'
of course

(06:46:57 PM) kiilo: for the code id=1+2+3 is the right way 
(06:47:07 PM) kiilo: just 
(06:48:24 PM) kiilo: ahhhh 
(06:49:02 PM) kiilo: try to increase max
(06:49:17 PM) kiilo: otherwise you just seee the first ten 
(06:49:34 PM) kiilo: ;-)
(06:50:31 PM) kiilo: so try     

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The presence or absence of the max parameter is not making a difference. Both give the same result: only the RSS feed of the first id # is displayed, including the feed title.

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Just tried the same tests in a v3.1 test site, with the same result. frown

Did this work in a pre-2.x version, and get broken along the way?

- ))MacLeod((

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Thanks to lphuberdeau for the information that the syntax has changed in v3.x and there is now only one RSS function.

Both {rss id=1:2:3} and {RSS(id=1:2:3)/} produce the exact same correct result when tested in a v3.1 site.

- ))MacLeod((