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How to remove a profile

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Following installation profiles can be added (example Company_Intranet). They are easy to add but how can I delete one ?

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I asked around and found that there is no easy way to remove a profile (yet). This feature is still "beta" and apparently, at this time, the only way is to individually undo the things that were done by the profile installation.

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I was faced with this problem today. Not a big deal to roll back to my previous config, since I had backed up my database and file system.

If you're going to mess around with profiles, you'll need to create a sandbox environment that won't affect your main development or production environments, and in which you can play with profiles till your heart is content. You need to create a sandbox copy of your tiki folder, and you need to create a sandbox database to which you can link your sandbox environment, because if you apply a profile it will update your tiki database, and you don't want any experimental changes affect to your main environment.

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Is this still valid?


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Yes, still valid.

Profiles have been stable (no longer beta) for quite a while now, but having a rollback is not planned for the reasons explained here: http://profiles.tiki.org/Profile+Rollback

In a nutshell: Having an easy way to know what changed and to restore preferences and settings is a desirable thing. However, this is not the job of profiles. This is the job of the system log.

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