Howto use dynamic filter values like PageName

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I've created a tracker that should display information dependig on the page it is called from.

Therefore i'm using a hidden field containing the pagename and a suitable filter.
But the Trackerlist must be dynamic.

how can i do something like :

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i've created a filed named page of type page selector and value=pagename. it works.
now the next step is to make a tracker form to automatically fill the page field with actual page name. i've already set automatic feeding but it doesn't wor for me

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I'm trying to do something similar, using a tracker for managing tasks instead of the MyTiki Tasks engine, which lacks the ability to create task dependencies and subtasks.

My Task tracker includes a page link to the task page, where the tracker information is listed via pretty tracker. One of my fields is an item link field denoting a Parent task. I would like to be able to dynamically list all of the tasks for which the task page is the parent.

My thoughts were to try doing it via a filter:

{TRACKERLIST(trackerId=Tasks, filterfield=Parent, filtervalue=$page) / }

Unfortunately this does not work as it does for the #user variable, and using view=page tends to filter on the page selector (Task) field. Is there another way to dynamically pass the $page or Task as a filter variable?

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In Tiki 5 RC1 (ReleaseCandidate) you can use special argument variable:

{TRACKERLIST(trackerId=X, filterfield=Y, filtervalue=) /}

You just need to enable "Wiki argument variables" by following Admin ? Editing and Plugins.

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Thanks, is there anyway to do this in 4.x?

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It didn’t work. Like you mentioned, perhaps it’s because of urchinTracker() set to track ‘virtual pages’. I think we can overcome that by setting ‘Field A Required’ to ‘No’. (The help doc isn’t very clear on this – “The Field x Required option allows you to decide what to do if one of the expressions does not match.” which I assume means that if there is no match, the field won’t be included in the output constructor).http://www.elinksoflondonsale.com/