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Architecture / Installation

I hate this forum

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I entered a title... I entered text and yet... it come up with "error you need to enter a title and text..." and I lost my whole post :-(
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Here on tikiwiki.org?

or on your install?

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I strongly suggest using the Opera browser to avoid this problem, because even if a post (at a Tiki forum or any other web site) results in an error, you can hit the back button and the content of your post will still be there, courtesy of Opera's local memory.

Of course the web software shouldn't have a problem that makes this necessary, but I haven't experienced this with Tiki. Please give more details, if you want to pursue it.

-- Gary

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This Forum, here.

I don't have a problem with it on my tiki but I'm still using 4. something.

Can't recall what I was orginally going to post about now either, so it could't have been that important and its only a passtime for me soo.... no big deal, it will come to mind some other time.


sorry about the rant and rave, but I had spent some time and considerable thought in the original post and it gets very annoying when it gets lost - I was kicking myself for not selecting all and copying before I hit post to be honest.