Call wiki plugin function from other wiki plugin

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Hi, I'd like to create a wiki plugin that inserts an image, and wraps it in a div that has the same size as the image.

However, I can't quite figure out how to use the function getimagesize. I'va already looked at wikiplugin_img.php, and it seems to be quite complex, depending on what kind of id or path is used to identify the image, and whether the image is stored as a file or in the database. So, before you can call getimagesize, you first have to to dozens of checks and string conversions.

I could just copy all that stuff into my own plugin, but it would of course be better if I could just call the wikiplugin_img from my own plugin.

Is this possible?

If not, can anybody give me some hints as how to use getimagesize?

Best regards,

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Thank you for your reply, luici.

The last post from "darlaskin" is obviously forum spam though. Can you flag a forum entry as spam in tiki? If not, this could be put on the wishlist.

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