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Architecture / Installation

unable to send mail

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I've got a new installation of 5.0 on a new Ubuntu 10.04 box.
I've installed sendmail and as root I can send mail to systems outside my LAN.
The system name is plus2.airchek.com and I've set up a virtual host
wiki.airchek.com. I can't get Tikiwiki to send email.
I've set the Sender email to be www-data at airchek.com.
When I try to send test mail my maillog says:
"Authentication-Warning: plus2.airchek.com: www-data set sender to www-data at airchek.com using -f"
This is followed by another entry that has the same message ID# but ends with "relay=www-data@localhost"
I think this is probably more of a sendmail configuration issue but its frustrating since I can't log in to create an account for myself or any users.

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In tiki-install.php, there is place to test email sending. Did you try?

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Yes, and I got an email from noreply at tikiwiki.org but not from my server. Whenever I visit the Admin/General tab there is a red warning "Unable to send mail."

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I got rid of the Authentication Warning by adding www-data to "trusted users" but still no mail is sent.
I find bounced messages in /var/spool/mail/www-data and the problem seems to be that the sender address is www-data@plus2 instead of www-data at plus2.airchek.com
I have no idea how to fix that or where its set

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Uninstalled and reinstalled php5 and deleted db/lock and ran install.php again. Not sure why but everything seems to work. I love a mystery! :-)