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E-mailing Blog entries daily

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Hi there everyone, newbie calling.

I work in a technical operations area. Currently developing the wiki as a wiki for operations across areas but thought I would use some more of the functions that are available.

As an operations area there is a requirement for logs to be written daily by operation staff across different departments.

My idea is to give each department (5 in total) a separate blog. Only members of each department can write to their blog but any member of each department can read the other blogs. So far so good. By tagging each entry searches across blogs can identify faults across departments.

However there is a requirement to print each log on a daily basis and ideally e-mail it to non-members but dependent upon tags. I can easily print each separate entry but what I am looking for is a way of printing a 24 hour period of blog entries, or exporting them to a text file (word or e-mail body for example) to be distributed and printed.

Also can RSS feeds be configured such that they only send entries that are tagged with specific tags?

Apologies if this is covered in a document that I have missed but I am still trying to absorb all the variables.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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I think the RSS idea would be best in order to not clutter up people's email inbox's and is a great way to quickly push information to others.

In terms of being able to generate RSS Feeds based on Tags this is not a current feature from what I can tell after looking into the Blog RSS code. I don't think its a major endeavor to add that capability but it is something that would need to be coded.

You can always submit a feature request or if this is something your organization needs ASAP you can always get in touch with some of the Tiki Developers to discuss using their services to develop this feature.

Hope this helps

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I guess if you categorize the Blog then you could watch that category. That is a good idea.