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Tikiwiki functionality queries

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Run a travel website
Thinking of moving it over to a tikiwiki platform

Have a couple of questions that I can't find the answers to on the tiki main site:

1. Currently have a Wordpress blog
Is it possible to import all my blogs from there (about 3 years worth) across to a blog in tikiwiki?

2. Want to be able to run banners across the site. Know that you can set up zones but is there the functionality to run certain banners across certain parts of the site
e.g. across the blog only

3. Does anyone know of any good examples of sites out there using tikiwiki that demonstrate the front end functionality really well?

Can anyone help?

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1: I know that someone was working on a WordPress Importer, not sure if it is done yet or not but it is in fact something that was in the short term plans.

2: You can use the Banner Plugin and insert that into the Blog Custom Header. This can be found at the bottom of Create/Edit Blog, its a large text area where you can customize the blog header. Also if your Banner is only 1 image. Then simply insert the image in there instead of activating the Banner feature.

3: There are many great TikiWiki sites out there but since you seem to be focusing on Blogs and Publishing in general here are two sites that use Tiki Blogs and Publishing very well