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Architecture / Installation

Upgrading, I disabled all plugins and now cannot admin plugins

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I am hoping someone can help me troubleshoot my tikiwiki, which I use for my classroom work as a teacher.

I wanted to upgrade from 2.2 to 5.1. That process was a headache and my hosting site helped me a great deal. Now that I have access to the site, I have problems. One of my admin aliases is unusable--the error says that the account has been disabled. But more importantly, I cannot re-enable my plugins (plugins I disabled in my effort to upgrade). Can anyone help me solve this problem?


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Hi Derrick!

I suggest you copy/paste the exact error messages you are getting to help make sure we are answering your question.

If I understand correctly, one of your admin accounts no longer has admin rights. So login with an account that has admin rights and add the other to the group "Admins". This group should have the permission "tiki_p_admin".

To manage users:

To enable features:

If you have no account that has admin rights, please see: Lost admin password

Best regards,

M ;-)

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hey marc, thanks for the suggestion. here are screen shots of the problems i'm having. there don't seem to be any exact error messages.

in the attached picture, you see that the img plugin has been disabled. when i click on the "set" button, i am taken to my adminhome but then i can do nothing. i do not see the current version, nothing happens when i click to admin plugins, i cannot even successfully change the disabled user i mentioned earlier. (i created the user using a capital letters; apparently, capitals are no longer allowed? but i get a "user already exists" message when i try changing the letter. and so much is wrong with my tiki that i do not want to delete the user outright just yet.)

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Hi Derrick, and welcome to Tiki community smile

Alternatively to what Marc has suggested, you can also fix that, as far as I know with the installer, so you can re-run the tiki-install.php, and at some of the steps, it will allow you to grant admin rights to the admin or whatever other user you need them to have admin rights.

Hope this helps

Xavi (another teacher using tiki in his classrom)

P.S. Btw, did you know http://edu.tiki.org ?