A "Facebook" Thingie

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Hello Tiki!

I am really impressed with the community-excitation aspect of Facebook. I see a personal-homepage orientation with a Facebook-like pan-friend-network immediate update feature. Lordy, how does this work, and is there anything in Tiki we could use to ape this feature?

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Every Tiki User has the option of creating their own user page (which is a Wiki page with special permissions), if you allow that option. There is also the "friendship network" which is a rather lacking/neglected feature but it allows you to request friendship of other Tiki users.

Oh and if you want to, you can collect some additional information from users at registration time, for example favorite color, favorite artists, favorite movie (which seems like a very social network thing to do). Users can optionally be allowed to change their own recorded information.

[edit] It just occurred to me that each user could have his/her own blog which could function as a sort of "Wall", to which other users could post comments.

This is basic Facebook-type-behaviour, or are you talking about some kind of Facebook integration?

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We're going to use the personal home pages and we have modules for their group blogs & forums updates, but FB does something different.

It's the live status updates that's the killer feature. Now, in Tiki people could watch a blog for example, but you have to go to your blog page, create a new article, edit the article, save the article... it's too formal. In FB you don't have to go anywhere, just paste a url and click save if you want. When someone posts anything, if they're on your friends list, their post (or a preview or video clip or...) appears at the top of your screen instantly. In a way it's a group chat with in-line attachments. And threaded. Sort of.

So I'm thinking some sort of module people could put on their home page (or we make a template) that re-creates that experience.

Or yes, maybe could implant FB itself but I was thinking of something internal/private

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Well all the nice Ajaxian/JQuery stuff is still very much in development (although functional in some cases), so you don't get a lot of that real-time updating right now, but I see your point. I don't know of a way to mimic this type of "live feed" that you speak of within Tiki currently.

Only thing that occurs to me is the minichat module, but that's not exactly a live feed, more a way for users to chat real-time (and it's a tad impractical when used in a column module... not wide enough).

I certainly understand what you're trying to achieve I just don't think it's possible right now. Having said that Tiki has good all-around features to build a solid community site even if it's not quite up to the "Facebook standard".