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Re: Re: Re: Forum posts in wiki pages

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Sorry for the confusion.

The syntax is simply:
[ url | display text ]
(single square brackets. Spaces between both brackets and the pipe symbol are not necessary, used here only for clarity)

The markup is the same as an external link, there's no internal link for Wiki-to-Forum, only Wiki-to-Wiki (which uses ((MyWikiPage)), double parentheses).

Here's an actual example:
[tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=4&comments_parentId=38633&comments_per_page=1&thread_style=commentStyle_threaded|Re: Re: Forum posts in Wiki pages]

Results in:
Re: Re: Forum posts in Wiki pages

Which links to your post that I'm replying to, and the link is obtained by hovering over the title of your post, right clicking and choosing "copy link location" in your browser.

Note that the full domain isn't necessary, you can just link to the tiki page: tiki_view-forum.php but you'll need the correct parameters to denote the forum and post (which you'll get if you copy the link location).

Does this more accurately answer your question?