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Re: Article Topic Permissions

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Carrie, you say you're using the standard menu, so that to me says that you don't see links to specific articles or topics, but rather "list articles", is that correct? Which page/s can anonymous users see the articles on? (tiki-view_articles.php?)

Anonymous should be able to see the list and view articles links, that is absolutely correct, because you've (presumably) set global permissions for anonymous users to be able to see/read articles. (it's just one particular topic that you don't want them to be able to read articles belonging to presumably)

In fact they may even be able to see the "EM Research Forum user Profiles" topic because I just checked on my site and anonymous users can still see my hidden topic (I think that can be "fixed"). However, no articles show up under the topic for anonymous users ever though there are some.

Like Xavi said, take some time to read the documentation to understand permissions but to give you a crash course permissions essentially work hierarchically such that:
Object permissions override Category permissions which override Global permissions.

That is to say Tiki first checks Global permissions, then Category, and if Category exist they take precedence over Global, then finally Object permissions which take precedence over Category.

You should be able to set object permissions for article topics, like I said, I've done it in 5.1 and it works. If you could please answer Xavi's questions just to be absolutely sure we're pointing you in the right direction that'd be great!

Update: BTW, I currently only see 4 articles and none of them belong to the "User Profiles" topic, which shows up as empty. So if you have articles under that topic then your site appears to be working with the exception that I'm not 100% of how to hide the topic completely (which I'm assuming is possible).