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Images from the file gallery not recognized?

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I've noticed something odd. When I want an image from a web page I just drag it to the desktop, but when I do this from Tiki now, I get something the my apps don't recognize. I get a message

The file "dl123.png" could not be recognized. It may be damaged or on a format the Preview doesn't understand"

This hasn't been happening up until now, I would have noticed. We recently upgraded to 5.1 and turned on seo but that's all I can think of that's really different.

Anyone else see this?

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Are you using the database or file directories to store images? Does it happen with all images or just some? Can you view the images within Tiki okay?
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LOL, well, it's stopped. What the heck?

We use a directory to store files. Seemed to be all images. They do display in the browser. Now it's not doing it. Weird.

All I can think of that's changed is I had the Carousel css and the javascript in L&F. I had to take those out because a) The wiki page edit help disappeared--pops up somewhere inaccessible) and b) the carousel didn't work anyway.

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Maybe that was it then. All I know is that if you wait long enough a problem will cease to be a problem. :-)

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and freeman, ensure that you have done the Upgrade properly, forcing to use uft-8 in your local.php, converting your db and tables to utf-8, and also the content of your db to utf-8, so that you don't have any more issues related to the charsets.

Ensure that you upgrade your .htaccess also, just in case