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Re: Re: Users cannot add pages to structures

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NautilusIII wrote:
By the way - this forum feels a bit "dead" - is TikiWiki still alive?

It's not that Tiki is dead (or the forums), it's that Tiki suffers the same problem as many other websites on the Net; there are 95% lurkers and 5% contributors. Most people come to the forums looking for help but when you only have a small percentage of the user base actually responding it makes for challenging supply versus demand situation.

The other issue is that Tiki is very powerful and highly customizable which is great but this has the unfortunate side-effect of making it much more complex, such that there is quite a steep learning curve often just beyond the reach of those intermediate users not willing or able to invest more time than possibly required to learn about Tiki. This isn't a criticism, just a reality.

In answer to your question, I'm still trying to wrap my head around it, but what about creating categories that match each of your user groups and setting the structure/wiki permissions at the category level then categorizing the structures accordingly?

In general you want your global permissions to be the most broad, giving the maximum access permissible, with categories restricting that access slightly, then object permissions refining that access as a last resort. Generally, at least in my opinion you want to avoid object permissions if at all possible because it can become a maintenance nightmare (it's hard to keep track of all the objects with their own permissions).