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File Gallery Feature - Database

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I have the file gallery feature set to use the database to store images and it is not working well. It will upload them, but that is about it. If I try to look at them or download them they don't display or my image editor indicates that it cannot read the file. When I change the file gallery setting to store the files in a folder, then it works fine.



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Not sure why Tiki defaults to the database for image storage. I set all my sites to use the directory so there are no limits on file size. Maybe that also takes care of your problem.
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It probably defaults to the database because that is the only location known to exist at install time. The Tiki installer cannot guarantee that users will have already created a "MyBigFatFolderToStoreAllMyTikiImages" folder. (extreme example but you get the general idea). The database is the only consistent location that will be true for all users regardless of platform, software etc etc. and consequently should work for all default installs without further action needed by the user.