Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Re: Cannot enable WYSIWYG in Tiki 7.0 RC1

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phprunner wrote:
...I check off this option in admin, save it and next time I open Wysiwyg admin page it still unchecked...

That sounds most odd - as far as i know that preference (feature_wysiwyg in admin/features/new) is just like any other and it shouldn't make a difference if it's running on IIS or any other server. Maybe you mean some other pref, as feature_wysiwyg isn't actually on the wysiwyg admin page usually?

Do the other preferences work ok, like Forums of Blogs?

You might get round this by running the WYSIWYG_6x profile, which sets this and various other prefs for you.

The other possibility is that the prefs are set ok but the editor just doesn't work in IIS - not sure it's been tested. Check your server logs for any denied access to files, especially inside the lib/ckeditor directory. The web.config files may not be set properly for this.

Hope something there helps,


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