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Re: Issues with TRACKER and CATEGORY field

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OK :-)

without actually seeing your setup hard to say but i would start with:

  1. checking if the object perms do not override category perms
  2. checking if the tracker is categorized and if the category perms do not override globals
  3. checking if the field's visibility/edit is not limited to a group


Rick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties wrote:

OK... now I need help... ;-)

Using Tiki 6LTS, I have a tracker with a field of type=category.

On a wiki page, I'm using the TRACKER plugin to preset a form, which includes the category field as a checkbox selection.

When logged in as admin, everything works fine.

However, as anonymous, the value of the category checkbox is not saved (that is, when I review the submitted tracker/form later, as the admin, the field is blank — even though it is a "required" field and it was selected when the form was originally submitted).

Some sort of permissions issue, right? Well, I can't find it. I've given anonymous all the necessary (or so I thought) perms for creating trackers and adding items to the category.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...