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tiki logo in bookmark of brouser

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How exchange tiki logo in bookmark of brouser?
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brouser ? lol. ok, you need to replace favicon.ico and/or favicon.png with your own and then clear your browser cache


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My english is not so good, because i am from russia.
Thanks i already do it myself - replace only favicon.png

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I hope you can help with Russian translation :-)

Best regards,

M ;-)

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FYI, the favicons are right up top in the root directory. I used the file manager in ControlPanel at my host to delete and upload files.

There's a .png and a .ico. I deleted the .png and the logo went away. So I uploaded my new favicon.png and it didn't come back. So I deleted the .ico and uploaded a new one and now it's back.

Clearing the browser cache is important because it will keep showing you the cached icon (the old tiki icon) even if you've replaced it with your new one. You'll think nothing happened if you don't clear the cache.

I find that I have to do this after every Tiki version upgrade.