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WIKI 3D and a MINDMAP Russian characters

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Hello! Site in utf-8 encoding. In the WIKI 3D and a MINDMAP Russian characters are not displayed correctly. How can I fix this? You can see now on the site http://www.o-b-d.ru/HomePage .
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I don't know the answer, but Wiki 3D (Morcego) is no longer actively developed.

Ideally, we'd find a Visualization library in HTML5/JavaScript. Something like http://thejit.org

The MindMap tool used for tiki-mindmap.php is GPL (which is why it needs to be installed separately) and our version is really old.
We should investigate the newer code:

Can you help analyze the various options?

And when we integrate, we'll make sure they work well in UTF-8

Best regards,

M ;-)

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Of course I will help. I will wait.