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TikiWiki-Redmine comparison

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Hello everyone,

New to Tiki and enjoying learning its features, after an easy installation. Thanks to all of you for your excellent contributions!

We are in an evaluation phase where we have short-listed 2 pure open-source solutions: Tiki and Redmine. Our team is split between using one of them. Hence, we were looking for a detailed comparison between Tiki and Redmine. I could not find a thread in these forums, but if I have missed it please share the link. I know this is a Tiki forum and the reviews will be biased in favour of Tiki, but it would still be good to hear your experiences.

In our specific context, we have the following requirements & constraints:

  • Requirements:
  1. Online collaboration (for a group of 65 schools) - includes collaboration-exchange of documents, regular tasks, discussions, etc.
  2. Online project management for different initiatives taken by different schools (leads), on a virtual basis. Would be helpful if GANTT and critical path representations could be worked out.
  3. Online communication - voice (and sometimes video, depending on the Broadband connection quality between 2 particular centres-schools). For this purpose, we plan to use the open-source Big-Blue button which can be plugged in both in Tiki as well as Redmine.
  4. At a later stage, offering an extranet to external providers for bids & procuration (ex: stationery suppliers, services suppliers, external teachers, etc).

Please note, that online teaching (Moodle-type) is not a key requirement.

  • Constraints:
  1. Money! No grants received yet until Proof-of-Concept is shown to school board. Hence, working with a team of volunteer OS developers in India. OS reduces also the cost of heavy licence fees (ex: Sharepoint, etc)
  2. We are using an economic but trustworthy shared-hosting - BlueHost. Judging from different reviews, they seem to have a decent failsafe service that will satisfy our needs (hopefully). So all the constraints that come with this shared host (basically LAMP stack with PEAR and RoR).

As a start, we have run into major difficulties in the Redmine installation - practically unsuccessful (but we account it to shared-host constraint perhaps). However, the help offered by the Redmine community to all our SOS were unanswered (and from many others too). Now this is scary if there are issues in a live installation, midway in a project.

Thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences with these two solutions. I know this is a Tiki forum and the reviews will be biased in favour of Tiki, but it would still be good to hear your experiences.

Thanks in advance,

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Tiki does everything you describe as native features with one exception: Gantt charts

For Gantt charts, there is unofficial code and we hope that someday, someone (maybe your group?) will volunteer to make it official code in Tiki: http://dev.tiki.org/TrackerToGanttChart

The best for you is to take the time to test both applications and pick the best for your current and planned needs.

If there are features which you feel are missing in Tiki, please do http://dev.tiki.org/Add+to+the+Wishlist

If you do pick Tiki, know that it's a community project and you are warmly invited to contribute your fixes and enhancements. Please see: Model.

Best regards,

M ;-)

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Bonjour Marc,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Good idea for making this into a Wiki page. Par contre, I was checking on this website for comparisons between different CMS:


Very detailed and based on specific criteria. And many CMS have been cited, both open-source and proprietary. However, 2 things to note:

1. Redmine is not mentioned so could not find the comparison.
2. Tiki comparison is on the basis of an older version (5.2). So it loses on different features to other CMS (ex: Drupal - 7.x, Moodle 1.9, etc). Perhaps someone should bring to their notice about later versions of Tiki.

As for developing the GANTT chart & critical path, we can dig into it as you mentioned. Please give us some time to absorb the initial knowledge about Tiki.

Kind regards,

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