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Page Selector Tracker Field

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I'm running 9.0 and have a tracker with a page selector field. I've set it to auto-assign, but it's not working. When I create an item, the page selector field is just blank.

I did see a bug tracker on this, but it doesn't look like it's been worked. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

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Can you reproduce on demo.tiki.org? (which is pre-9.1)

M ;-)

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I've added a tracker called gjwheat Test Tracker and then a wiki pages with the plugin called gjwheat Test Page.

I have three fields in the tracker, a user selector, a page selector, and a drop down. The user selector is set to automatic and works correctly. The page selector is set to automatic, but nothing populates.

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So I've played around with this a little more. I changed some of the tracker settings and got the page title to display in the page selector page.

But then if I try to submit the tracker item, and it doesn't capture the page selector field.

Then when I go back to the page with the plugin Tracker, the page selector field is no longer populated.

Any suggestions?

Here is the code for my plugin.

Missing or incorrect trackerId parameter for the plugin. List Trackers

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