revamp step 2: main tree

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Following the step 1 in the revamp work, I copied all remaining links from the old documentation structure in the new one.

All pages are now in one of the following guide:

Except some for which I created custom structures:

I propose now the following general layout map, on which the homepage and the menu could be based:


Since all guides are now created, I started to modify the menu slowly:

I also updated some links in the Homepage.

Let me know any comment!


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I would put this:


under that:

{REMARKSBOX(type=>Tip, title=>If possible: Like this)}
* ((doc:Introduction))
* ((doc:All the Documentation))
** ((doc:Printing the Documentation))
* ((doc:Tutorials))
* ((doc:Troubleshooting))
* ((doc:New in version))
*((doc:Tiki Installation Guide))
*((doc:Tiki Reference Guide))
*((doc:Tiki User Guide))
*((doc:Tiki Administrator Guide))
* ((doc:Annexes))
** ((doc:Tikiwiki FAQs))
** ((doc:List of Wiki Plugins))
** ((doc:Index of Modules))
** ((doc:Tracker Field Type))
** ((doc:Mods List))
** ((doc:Archives))
*((doc:Author Resources))

Which would give you something like that:

You might ask? Why don't I do it myself?
A: I would not know how to.



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I don't see why not, done.

To modify the general structure and page layout, just edit this page.
You would need to have editor rights to modify the other structures.


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