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upload image from web failed.

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after installed and everything seems ok, i try to upload few images.
when i upload from my pc, the image is fine.
but, when i upload from other web server, almost always, the images is damaged.
see http://www.mypolaris.com image gallery to see how the images damaged.

i'd tried many times from many different web with same result.
so, i think it's not the problem with connection to the server.
(most damaged images are removed.)

also, when i try attach image to a wiki page, (also from the web)
the images are download ok into system gallery, not damaged.

how can this be fixed???
because i need to upload lots of images from other web...

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I believe there are known issues with the Image Gallery cacheing from other sites. if you goto Admin->General and turn off the Image Cache does it work any better?


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