Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

new structure page not visible at module

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Hi all,

since updating from tiki 10 to tiki 12 new generated structure pages are not visible at the module menu.

Do i have some additional configuration there?

With tiki 10, this feature was working out of the box.

Thanks in advance

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Can you please post this as a regression in the bug tracker at http://dev.tiki.org/Make+a+wish , and create a show.tiki.org instance there associated with your bug report with tiki12, so that some developers can have a look at that.

In the mean time, you might get what permissions or whatever are needed in Tiki12, if that's the case (I upgradede many sites, where I use wiki structures, and didn't get that issue, so maybe some permission related to structures that was not properly set in the structure homepage, that is required in Tiki12 ? (just a guess)

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