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Re: Re: 4 Thumbs Up to Tiki Wiki!

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Thanks for the welcome Xavi, I appreciate it much. Here is the deal, I know I am going to start sounding like a cheer leader here pretty soon, but we run an older community. We currently have our main landing page site at www.thepatriotwoodworker.com  This is our main page where we tell folks who we are, we are woodworkers who support disabled veterans. Then we have our community forum at www.thepatriotwoodworker.com/forums and our community is heavy with veterans and woodworkers in our 50 plus year old demographic. To put a Mediawiki in front of them would have been the same as throwing them and me into the fire. To learn markup, or to deal with the Visual Editor (which is a tad better then markup) it just would not have worked out well, we would have had a bunch of frustrated folks who want to contribute but would have sat it out if we went with the big MW.

Our guys want to contribute to our new wiki, and now they will be able too thanks to the ease of use and the comprehensive WYSIWYG editor. It is somewhate similar to what they are  using on our community forum. So guys, you have made our lives a bunch easier with this software, it is well thought out, it flows nicely, and it's easy to use.

We are going to have our wiki tabbed in the navigation of both our sites once it's launched. I'll report back once we get it up and running, but I have very high hopes, this will go over very well for our folks and the veterans we serve.

Thanks again Xavi, you guys are the best.

Oh yes! And the Wizard, that was awesome! What a great way to let folks jump right in, it was a snap. Great job on that one Xavi!