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Use Tiki for 3 groups of scientists

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I would like to ask about the usibility of tiki (13.1). I've installed it on my server, but I'm really, really lost with all those features (groups, workspaces, namespaces, categories, areas, etc...), and would appreciate help with how to use them.

So we have 3 main experiments, let's call them Ex1, Ex2 and Ex3. For each experiment, we have a group of people assigned to it. A single person can be assigned to one experiment or more. I would like to have the same Tiki wiki website for all those experiments, and have different "spaces" for each user. So users who work on Ex1 can only see stuff related to Ex1, including a wiki for Ex1 and a forum for Ex1 and a calendar, galerie, etc. Users who work on Ex1 and Ex2 should be able to see everything related to those experiments.

Is it possible to have a user added to Ex1 group and then get him to access everything related to that experiment?

How could this be done in Tiki? What's the right way? I'm tired of investigating the options and really would like a help of an expert.

Thanks and best regards.

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Yes, this is a very typical configuration. You'll need:

  • A Category for each experiment (Ex1, Ex2, Ex3). See the docs  for details.
  • A correpsonding Group for each experiement type (G1, G2, G3). See the docs for details.

Then, configure your Category permissions to allow only members of G1 to have view/edit permission for items within catgory Ex1.


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But how to enable members of the groups to create new pages within their category and nowhere else?

I've setup workspaces via Workspace UI, so categories and groups and namespaces are automagically created for me.
Yet, when User1 in Group1 edits templ:_:Namespace1 (default homepage for Workspace1) to contain a link to templ:_:Namespace1:_:Page1 simply by adding "Page1", then following the link with User1 results in "permission denied to edit the page".
When an admin creates that page and User1 follows link to view it, it again says "permission denied to view the page" this time.
Only when I manually add that "subpage" to the category, then User1 can really use that new page.
That's ... cumbersome.