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Auto selecting category

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I have a tracker that has a drop down field. I want a page that will display all tracker items with "x" as the drop down category. Now I have a tracker filter, but I cant see a way to auto select "x" to be displayed.

Please help,

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It would actually be even better if there was a way to do it all behind the scenes. Another worlds not have the user do any selecting. Just navigate to the page and see all trackers with category "x" displayed

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If you use a plain TRACKERLIST to show the tracker items on a wiki page,  you can use the filterfield and exactvalue parameters to only display specific tracker items. 

For example, this:

{trackerlist trackerId="1" filterfield="21" exactvalue="foo" }


would display all the tracker items from Tracker 1 in which the value of Field 21 is foo.

See the docs for full details: https://doc.tiki.org/plugintrackerlist

If the field that you're filtering is a Category tracker field, I think you may have to use the category's ID instead of its name, but I'm not sure.



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Thank you very much.

What a big help!