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Re: Building Wiki Pages by Form

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Josh, I have tried trackers for pre-populated wiki pages or templates if you will so our users would be able to create an article with a templated page. But the trackers left me a tad confused, and besides that, I was steered in the right direction by another topic here, I cannot find it right now, but if I am reading your question correctly, you may be wanting to use the "Content Template" feature rather than the trackers.

I am not sure if you can have predifined inputs for content templates, but I have played with the Content Templates and they are really nice, and easily accessible at time of article creation, all a user has to do at time of article creation is click on the "Properties" tab and click on the drop down menu that contains a list of your templates, and there they are. Don't know if I am on the right track here, but there you have it.