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Architecture / Installation

Re: Screen White-Out After Custom Code Additions in "Look&Feel/Customisation"

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I think something wrong in your custom code must be causing a fatal error. Are you able to run the following command in your MySQL database to clear it out?

update tiki_preferences set value="" where name="feature_endbody_code";

If you are unable to do that, you could look in templates/footer.tpl and temporarily remove the line {eval var=$prefs.feature_endbody_code} close to the end and put it back after you've cleared it out in the admin panel.

(by the way I found the internal pref name "feature_endbody_code" by searching within the "lib/prefs" directory using grep but any tool that searches within all files in a directory would work. You can also see the pref name in the source of the admin panel itself - and it is shown when you save a pref - but if you can't get to the admin panel that doesn't help)