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How to change the e-mail notification when a new message has arrived to the mailbox

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Hi all,

when a user A send a message to a user B, he user B the message goes to the mailbox and tiki sends a e-mail notification to the configured user e-mail with a copy of the message (sender, text body, etc.).

I would like to change the e-mail content with a standar text to inform the user that a new message has arrived to the mailbox.

Also, only an e-mail notification that a new message is in the mailbox.

How can I do this ?? Or which php file send this e-mail notification.

Thank you for you help in advance

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You can modify the email template to include whatever text you want. You didn't indicate which Tiki version you're using, but in Tiki15, the mail templates are in the ../templates/mail/ folder.

Specifically, I believe you're looking for the messu_message_notification.tpl template.

See the docs for more information on creating custom templates and modifying themes.


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+1 good point ManelFN

Thx for hint Rick

Pls report, when you got there Manel.


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Excelent !! It works fine

Thank you very much